A Time Management Mug?

March 13, 2009


Flipping through my favorite magazine Real Simple, I found something that was new and different that can help with Time Management.  Yes, a reminder mug!

Before you say…now I have seen everything, let me tell you why I like it.

  • A time management and efficiency expert friend once gave me a stone.  I was instructed to keep it on my desk.  When I see it, it triggers in me “what am I supposed to be working on…what is the priority?”  It helps me stay on track when I stray.
  • #1 rule in time management is to do the most important, most time sensitive or most difficult item on your to do list FIRST.  Grab your coffee or tea in the AM?  Then put the MOST IMPORTANT to do on there as a reminder.  Go for a second cup or to wash it out and you have not done it yet, time to go back to your desk and get going!
  • I like to sip all day…having this on my desk will be fun and I will get more done!

One of the other rules of time management is to only keep 1 calendar, so I don’t recommend you transferring your entire calendar on here ever day.  But highlight the most important!  Check out Heliotrope Home to order on-line.

Enjoy your weekend!