Stay-cation this Year?

July 17, 2009


Have you heard the new vacation term this year?  Stay-cation?

Stay-cation is taking time off, being on vacation but staying local.  When I grew up it was no big deal and it was just called “day trips.”

Many people are staying home this year because of the lacking economy.  But just because you are not going some place by plane, train or automobile you can still have a great time.  I am sure. there are so many places in your own area that you never venture to.  I live in Boston and we had never done many of the “history” tourist tours such as The Battle of Lexington & Concord and the Mayflower until we had a cousin from Texas come visit.  So glad we did!

Think of the places you have always said “Oh, we should do that some time” or “that is an interesting place.”  It can be a museum, a beach or simply an area of the city that you have never explored.  Visit some relatives you never have time to see.  It is up to you.

Some may be taking time off and will work on their “to do list.”  Sometimes getting things done around the house can take a weight off your shoulders.

To make the most out of your “stay-cation” have a plan.  You don’t want Sunday to come and you feel like you just wasted time and didn’t either do anything fun or get anything done.

  • Make a list of what you would like to do.
  • Plug it into a calendar.
  • Hop on line to check out any hours of operation that may be applicable to your activity.
  • Go on line and research the many “free” fun things to do.  Your local library may also have passes to various museums and attractions.
  • Make a list of what you may need and shop.  This can be extra sunscreen for the beach or a laundry list of materials you will need from Home Depot for home repairs.

Most of all, enjoy the time off.  Try and unplug yourself as much as possible from the various technologies that suck up your time and stress you out on a regular day.

Have fun!

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Travel Clutter

July 15, 2009


Are you getting ready to venture off for your summer vacation?

Remember, a vacation is time to relax, spend time with friends or family and explore.  You don’t have to spend this precious time buying souvenirs for yourself and those at home.

I grew up doing that.  Even a vacation going to Cape Cod (a little over an hour away) I would spend time finding the right t-shirt for this one, the right mug, nick knack or piece of jewelry for the other.

I have to admit last year when I was in Hawaii I realized I spent to much time shopping for the gang at home.  I like popping around the various stores, but I did not like the feeling of “have to” while on vacation.  This was totally self inflicted.  My parents would have preferred I save the money or  spend it on an activity there.  And it is not like I have never brought them back anything from Hawaii…I’ve been there 6 or so times!

While organizing kitchens I find shelves and shelves full of mugs and glasses from various vacations.  Sitting there, collecting dust and taking up valuable “prime real estate” in the cabinet.  Lots of  T and sweat shirts from various places can be found in closets and dresser drawers.  Again, many not worn but kept as a “memory” from a trip or a trip that someone else took.

You don’t have to keep a mug to remember your trip.  You don’t have to keep it just because someone else gave it to you.  If you love mugs and use them great, but if they are kept as a memory you can let them go.  Do you remember the fun time?  Do you remember the island or country you visited?  Do you have photos or video from the trip?  If you really want to buy something as a  remembrance, buy 1 nice thing that you will cherish and use or wear.  Every time you do, it will remind you of that special place.  Trying to jam items into your kitchen cabinet or dresser drawer because there is too much travel clutter WILL NOT remind you of that fun time!  Don’t inflict this on family and friends if you are the traveler.

If there is something that you cannot let go,  decide if you use or where it.  If you do, keep it in your main space.  If you do not and you are keeping it as a memento, then it should be out of the prime area, and put in your keepsake box.

Happy travels!

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