Howard Miller

I cam a across a line of furniture that I though was pretty neat (no pun intended) and thought I would share!

The line,  from Howard Miller has been created by Ty Pennington from “Extreme Home Makeover.”  The line has various styles of furniture but goes beyond your usual basic cabinets.  Organization was in mind when they designed these pieces.  Using space efficiently, some secret storage space too!  Also, you can customize your finish and component features.

Click here to see the collection and learn more about this collection.

But remember, edit what you have and determine your storage needs before buying any container!

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May 7, 2009

doublecornershelf_mI am working on a kitchen organization project tomorrow.  I can’t wait!  It is like putting a big puzzle together.

I’ll be brining a few supplies with me in case we need them.  Of course I will only use what makes the space more efficient.  So what are some of my favorite kitchen organizers?

  • Drawer separators.
  • Clear bins –with and without covers.
  • Under sink shelving.
  • Wire racks to add more vertical space to your cabinets.

The key if you have small space is to house what you use most of the time.  We all have appliances, serving dishes, etc. that we only use from time to time.  Store those in another part of the house, garage or basement.  Be realistic about what you really use.  And, we need room for food!  Most don’t have the luxury of having pantry space.

You want to keep like things together.  All baking together, all spices together and so on.  Many times I put some of these categories into a container.  This way when I am going to “bake” (my family reading this is probably laughing right now) then I can pull out the baking bin and all of my supplies are right there — sugar, vanilla, food coloring, etc.  I can use the items and when done, easily put back into the cabinet.

There are so many things that end up at the back of the cabinets that never see the day of light.  Take time every now and then and edit out what you are not using.  Kids not using certain types of cups any more — bu-bye.  Got a cabinet full of give-a-way mugs? Ok, how many do you really need?

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in our house.  Make sure the space is used efficiently.


A Time Management Mug?

March 13, 2009


Flipping through my favorite magazine Real Simple, I found something that was new and different that can help with Time Management.  Yes, a reminder mug!

Before you say…now I have seen everything, let me tell you why I like it.

  • A time management and efficiency expert friend once gave me a stone.  I was instructed to keep it on my desk.  When I see it, it triggers in me “what am I supposed to be working on…what is the priority?”  It helps me stay on track when I stray.
  • #1 rule in time management is to do the most important, most time sensitive or most difficult item on your to do list FIRST.  Grab your coffee or tea in the AM?  Then put the MOST IMPORTANT to do on there as a reminder.  Go for a second cup or to wash it out and you have not done it yet, time to go back to your desk and get going!
  • I like to sip all day…having this on my desk will be fun and I will get more done!

One of the other rules of time management is to only keep 1 calendar, so I don’t recommend you transferring your entire calendar on here ever day.  But highlight the most important!  Check out Heliotrope Home to order on-line.

Enjoy your weekend!


Oprah Organizes – Again

February 18, 2009

O is for Oprah

O is for Organizing

Set your DVR for Oprah for tomorrow (Thursday.)  Her guest will be organizing expert Peter Walsh.  It is part of their road show series.  You can get some excellent tips from Peter and if you feel that you are disorganized you will also see that you are not alone!

The Container Store is a sponsor.  You can check out their site for air time and also, check back after the show or on the Oprah site.  Last time they offered 20% coupons for the store.  Not sure if they will this time  Now remember, only buy what you NEED.

The Container Store – Clean Up Your Messy House Tour

Have fun watching and saving…and look for a fellow New England organizer Elizabeth Selders in the audience.  She was there an spoke on camera, hopefully she makes the final cut!


Organizer’s Best Friend

February 11, 2009

Yes, it is true.  A label maker is an organizer’s best friend.

Using labels help you stay organized.  They can be especially helpful with multiple users in a home or office.  That way everyone can be on the same page on where the “home” for an item is.  For playrooms and children’s rooms, it can help with reading skills.  Regular maintenance and items have a “home” are the staples of staying organized.

It is important that the label you place on something makes sense to you, what you would call something.  If the label does not make sense to you then you will not be driven by it and end up placing  items in other locations.

There are all different types of labels to help you.

The basic: Standard label maker.  You know the white strip with black letters.  This is the most universal one of them all.  Can be used on files, shelves, boxes, bins, etc.

label-makerFun: I just found these pre-made labels at The Paper Source that I love for mail, paper centers.  They have lots of other fun and decorative labels as well.


Decorative: Mabel’s Labels is  a great site for decorative labels.  Many clients like to label jars, drawers, cabinets but the traditional style of a label maker doesn’t work.  Now there is a better option.  Various sizes and designs  available  for home products as well as children’s clothing.


Creative: Crafty?  Make your own.  It can be fun and decorative!  I have used kid’s school pictures on ribbons tied to school paper “in boxes.”  Creative paper with fun colored binder clips.  The better you like the look, the more you will be attracted to it and use the system!

Remember — function over fashion, but if you get the functionality down, have fun with it!