Pop Goes the Balloon

February 13, 2009


A friend of mine just moved and has been going through things still at the old house.  Doing some good ol’ purging.  He came upon the balloons from his 30th birthday party…he is  now 48 years old.  Finally he was able to throw them away.

He is not the only one of late to do so.  I had a similar experience with a client.  Balloons and decor from a party 15 years or so ago. After a lot of hard work and learning what is really important to keep in her life, she was able to  throw them away.  Believe it or not, it is not uncommon and for some very hard to do.

Items from memorable occasions can be tough to let go.  Prom dresses, flowers from a loved one, mother of the bride dress.  At first we think the memory of the person or occasion is directly tied to these items.  But they are not.  When you come across an item like this think:

  • Do I have the memories for the event in my mind?
  • Do I have photos?
  • Do I really need this item to be reminded of the event or the person?

I bet you will answer no!  It is time to let them go…