Surprised I am writing today about holiday decor?  Me too!

I spent a lot of time out and about this weekend, driving in suburbia.  It amazed me to see how many folks still had their holiday decorations up in their yard & on their houses.  I’m not talking folks who have not been able to take down lights from the roof due to safety with all the snow on the ground.

I am talking about wreaths on the door, blow up Santa deflated on the lawn, candy canes outlining the walk way.  People put so much hard work into making their homes look festive for the holidays, but they do not finish the project.  Finishing is not when you are done putting them up.  The completion of the process is taking them down and putting them away in an organized fashion.  It is the FULL process, it doesn’t stop with putting them up.

This can be translated with other projects and tasks….laundry is not done until it is fold and put away.  You get it, right?

I always joke that I want to go around with little holiday citations.  Put them on these people’s doors.  If the Easter Bunny comes and they are still up, I just might!

Happy Monday!