Cable Clutter

June 23, 2009

Cord Control

I just found a unique, decorative way to hide cables.  Very creative, very cool, but not for everyone.  See link to post below…

There are much more basic, easily purchased options at your local office supply store or on line.  It is great to use these cord covers for aesthetic purposes.  Having cords here there and everywhere under your desk or by other equipment can be distracting and you can feel the stress of the “clutter.”  Click on these links to see how to control that cable clutter:

Above baseboard

Cable Zipper

Cable Control

Decorative Covers

But you don’t want to just hide them.  You want to mark your cords so you know what they belong to.  You can do this with a sticker or a label.  Just make sure it will stick well.  If you want sturdier pre-made option, see these products below.  You can also look at these as examples and see what you have at home that you can use to get same result.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this.

Kable Flags

Cable Id

Picture Id

Have fun wrangling in all those cords.

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Lately I have noticed  that more and more spam is coming into my in-box.

I scheduled 1/2 hour today to address it.  I had not updated my email rules in quite a while.  For some reason it looked like some rules had disappeared.  If you already don’t know, you can set up “rules” in your email for all sorts of things.

Today I am talking about flagging an email that comes in with a certain word in the subject line, so that it automatically goes into your Junk Mail folder.  Although it does not completely stop it from coming in, doing this does save you time and decreases clutter in your in-box.

If you do not have any “rules” set up, do so right away.  It is easy.  Look to your email help section or to learn how to set up (PC.)  Once you learn, and for those who already have it set up, go in and review the words you are currently flagging to go to Junk Mail.  See if there are any you need to add.  I keep a list next to my computer and write down new ones as they sneak in.  And then, when I schedule time to update my rules, I use this list as a guide of what I need to add.

It is a good idea to regularly take a look at all of those on-line shopping, newsletters, promotion reminders emails you get.  If you don’t read them, don’t just delete them, unsubscribe to them.  If the info is not benefiting us and we are not reading it, then it is just more clutter.

Schedule some time to work on this sometime soon.

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j0440914From large companies to the individual users, folks with computers around the world were wondering if the joke was on them this April Fools Day.  Luckily, there seems to have been little affect from the anticipated Conflicker Worm .  But some report the bad guys behind it have put it on hold because everyone is on such high alert.

Hopefully it will never come to fruition.  From what I have read, computers that are regularly protected will have a much less  chance of  having problems.  But the scare and they hype did teach us a good lesson.  It is important to make sure that your computer is protected.  It is very simple to keep your computer up to date.  You should install anti virus and anti Spyware software.

  • Set computer for automatic updates from Microsoft.  Many times they send “patches” when they know a problem is going on or  its way.
  • Set computer for automatic Spyware scans.
  • Be sure to back up your information.  Many options are available.  External hard drives, downloading to CD or automatic on-line updates such as Carbonite.
  • Scan discs and devices for viruses.
  • Be careful what links you open and forward.  Many viruses are disguised as something else.

There are a ton of reasons why being organized is a positive thing.  You must Organize for Disaster as well.  We all want to say, “oh, that won’t happen to me…” but when it does you want to be able to recover as quickly and as stress free as possible.