I’ve thought a lot about photography lately.  For fun, learning more about my camera, and also how photography can be used with clients.


When we see our spaces day to day, we lose the detail.  For some folks, they just focus on small areas of a space, the rest is a blurr.  Want a fresh look at how your space really looks?  How much clutter is there, or not?  Take a picture.  It gives you a different perspective on the space.  You get to see how it looks to others.

Home Staging

If you are getting ready to put your house up for sale, this is a great exercise.  I was just preparing a presentation on Home Staging and looked at area homes being marketed on the web.  You could not image how unattractive, how not relevant, how, can I say outright bad most of these photos were?

First take pictures to see what others see.  Use this as  guide when organizing and staging your house for sale.  Once this is done, make sure the photos that you or your Realtor use on-line will enhance the house.  They are just not photos on your listing.  They are the  marketing of your house.  Consider it an on-line brochure.  You want to photograph the highlights of the structure, the room layouts, etc.

I was amazed when in a listing that only used a handful of pictures to market the house, one photo they chose was a picture of 2 bureaus.  Not the room,1 corner with bureaus.  It looked like a Craig’s list ad to sell the furniture, not a marketing presentation of a home. Other photos were taken behind large pieces of furniture, bright pink furniture actually.  So instead of seeing the room, you see a big pink blob.  Then there was the blurry one of 1/2 a chandelier and the ceiling.  I am thinking people looking at these listings on line are not going to make an effort to make an appointment to see this property.  Remember two things about prospective buyers.  Their time is precious and first impressions are made in “seconds.”

Time to grab your camera.