You’ve Got Mail

July 23, 2009

Now what?

Don’t let that mail pile up! Attacking your mail each day only takes a few minutes.  Really…follow me!

#1 Pick up mail

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#2 Open mail, separate by category (55 seconds)

Here are my categories:

  • recycle (all envelopes, marketing stuffers, junk mail)
  • shred (credit card offers)
  • publications to read
  • bills to pay

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#3  Place piles in their “homes”  (1 minute, 5 seconds)

I traveled to:

  • paper recycling bin in laundry room
  • magazine basket in living room
  • “to shred” box in office
  • “action, bill ” center in office

Sunday Beach Dinner 026

See, literally minutes.

Having “homes” and a process set up will help you do this in minutes as well.  Clutter is delayed decisions.  When people don’t have a system, they will tend to leave items, like the mail, where they land.  Entry tables, stairs or kitchen counter tops become overwhelmed by mail piles.  Take a few minutes to set up a system.  It will be worth it!

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2 Responses to “You’ve Got Mail”

  1. I have two mailboxes – at home for personal and PO for business. One thing I do which is very helpful is that I open all my PO mail at the PO, tossing all envelopes and wrappings, all junk mail, magazine wrappers and inserts right into their recycle bins. So, I walk home, often, with nothing, or one small item. I tear up the credit card offers there (I’m bad, I know!) and distribute them across several different bins, so in my little mind, it’s kind of like shredding. And, often, I pick up my home mail on the way to the PO, so I sort and toss that mail at the PO as well. It helps…

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