It’s April 16th, Do You Know Where Your Taxes Are?

March 16, 2009


30 days and counting…

Tic, toc, Tic, toc

Are your taxes done?  If so, CONGRATULATIONS and I hope the result was a rebate!

Maybe you have all your info ready to go, but are just waiting for your appointment with your tax professional.  GOOD!

If neither applies, get going!

Be sure to schedule time to work on it.  And like many things, it always takes longer than we thought.  If it is usually a last minute, nail biting, lots of coffee to stay up and finish by the deadline type of experience, remember you probably said you would do better next year.

Well it is next year.  A little organization and scheduling time will definitely make “next year” aka this year MUCH BETTER!

Check out my Tax Tip Thursday blog entries in the archives for additional info and tips.  You will feel great to get it off your plate.


3 Responses to “It’s April 16th, Do You Know Where Your Taxes Are?”

  1. AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! Okay, I do have everything pulled together, but I still need to make sure all credit card transactions are entered and then get it all to my tax lady. 30 days, tic toc!

  2. Hey you are in good shape! Good for you.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi! Did you mean hopefully you are getting a refund? And if you did that is actually not a good thing. You should plan your taxes so that your money is working for you. Not to be used in bailouts so that others get a bonus.

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