Monday Morning Quarterbacking

February 2, 2009


I had a fun weekend.  I had planned to have a balance of work and play…but ended up playing or relaxing more than working (ok, no work.)  I woke up this morning with energy and a million to do’s and new ideas racing through my head.  A little overwhelming.  I know I have a bunch of things I need to do, but I am also  excited about the new things…so what would I tell a client?

  • Take time to prioritize and organize my week.  Get it out of my head.
  • Take care/schedule the most important tasks first.
  • Write down my new biz development ideas, to be schedule later.
  • Ignore Facebook
  • Turn off Email while working on projects
  • Don’t cancel the gym today to catch up on work.  Do both.

Doing a blog posting was one of my “most important” things on my list.  Ok, now back the rest…focus, focus.

Have a great and productive Monday!


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