Turn Snow Day Into Purge Day!

January 28, 2009


So are you like many who have an unexpected day home due to snow or ice?  School or activities cancelled?

I grew up in New England when school was cancelled once the snow actually fell and it was getting too tough to drive in.  Couldn’t image school being cancelled before the flake fell.  Even President Obama was just joking at a news conference that his daughters couldn’t believe they didn’t have school today because of ice  in Washington.  The girls said back in Chicago, they would not only have had school but they would have gone out for recess!

So you have some time at home you had not planned on?  Take an hour and de-clutter an area that has been bugging you.  Many areas don’t take long at all to go through.  Take everything out, sort by like item.   Re-locate anything that does not belong.  Toss anything that is broken, expired, no long used.  Make a donate pile for anything that can be donated.  Easy areas to tackle in a short amount of time include:

  • Kitchen junk drawer
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Vanity
  • Under sink
  • Kitchen island
  • Mail center
  • Kid school paper drop off
  • Tupperware area

Take advantage of the extra time!  Then make some hot chocolate,  go out and make a snowman, help an elderly neighbor.   Embrace the unexpected!

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  1. I loved snow days, NOT organizing. 🙂 lol

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