Organizing nets $3,133 in found money!

January 26, 2009

I like to have “noise” in the background when I work.  Today listening to my regular cable news there sure is a lot of “NOISE.”  Doom and gloom with the financial markets.  Monday morning announcements of bad earning and more layoffs.  I think it is time to switch to listening to music!

We have to keep ourselves positive and moving forward.  Many folks I have talked to are in a panic even though they have a secure job and their pay continues the same and will not be using their recently diminished retirement funds for another 25 years.  They are reacting to the unfortunate news they continue to hear and read.  Now you must always be prepared ….but to fester on negative news and live in the land of negativity is not healthy.  Think about what is working, what is positive in your life.  Many people are facing tough times.  Count the blessing you have.

Worried about your financial status in times like these?  Being organized can help!  Not only with peace of mind, but with finances as well.

Last week while working with clients, my found money total was $3,133.  Money that had  been misplaced.  Yes, I am talking real money, cash-o-la, the Benjamins! Sometimes I joke that I should put a Jerry Lewis Telethon type total board on my website.  Total being how much money (cash, checks, gift certificates, bonds, gift certificates) have been found during organizing sessions!

Now we don’t always find money,  but it is fabulous when it happens!  Here are some other tips to lessen the stress and save money in tough economic times.

  • Limit purchases.
    • Curb abundance – need vs. want.
    • Less focus on “things.”  Focus on life, family, friends.
    • If something is on sale for 70% off and you don’t need it, you just wasted 30%.
  • Save money by not wasting it.
    • Organizing closets and other areas help you see what you really need.  Many times people waste money by buying items they ALREADY have because they cannot locate them.
    • Don’t let late fees and interest payment add up.  Pay bills on time.
    • Review your spending….cell phone plans, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Make money by clearing out the clutter.
    • Donate unwanted items to charity and obtain a tax receipt.  This not only helps you (more peaceful living space and a tax credit) but it also help others who are facing even bigger financial challenges in this environment.
    • Sell, sell, sell.  Use Ebay, consignment, Craig’s List, etc. to sell items that are no longer important to you.
  • Create a mail system.
    • Cancel catalogues that are tempting to make purchases from.
    • This is one area of clutter than can be done in minutes a day.
    • Utilize “get off list” services to limit the amount of mail that comes in.
  • Organize finances and important paperwork.
    • Know your financial situation & take control.  Don’t stress just because the that is what we hear on TV.

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  1. John Trosko Says:

    Great story Ann Marie and I love that you helped locate some “lost” money!

    John aka OrganizingLA

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