Sorting = Savings: Container Store Annual Sale

January 19, 2009

I only recommend products that I really like. For closet systems I suggest either Elfa systems from The Container Store or full service closet design and installation from Brian McSharry of Closet & Storage Concepts.

Check out The Container Store’s annual January 30% off sale.


Elfa is a great system. Strong and versatile enough that they’re store fixtures are from their own product lines. It is SUPER easy to install. They also have a new install service if you don’t want to fire up the power drill.

If you have wondered what the difference is between this and the similar product from Home Depot type stores? I did too, so I did a little comparison. The basic materials are the same price at all stores. The price difference come from the shelving. The Container Store shelves are almost double in price but they are much better quality. If you are doing a predominately hanging system, then this doesn’t even come into play.

But, the key advantage (and worth the extra shelf pricing in my mind) is that The Container Store is always fully stocked. You go in, you bring in your measurements, work with a designer. They give you one of those restaurant buzzers and it goes off when your order is ready. All cut EXACTLY to your measurements. All organized. In a cart and they even put it in your car!

At the other stores, they have limited sizing and you have to do all the cutting yourself and many times they don’t have full inventory. Many times I’ve tried, but I end up walking out empty handed.

But before you head out to buy a new closet system, you must go through your current closet, purge out what you do not want, and really measure and design the new space. How can you maximize space? How much short hanging do you need? How much long hanging? How many pairs of shoes do you need to store.

Need more time? It is good to plan. Atmosphere has a relationship with the Container Store allowing us to offer a 20% discount year round for projects we do.

Even if it is not time to re-design your closet, take a peak and see what can go…

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