Motivation from a Personal Trainer — Body or Space

January 14, 2009

So, has anyone wondered why I have called my blog personal trainer for your space?

Well, for many of my clients, my services are similar to a physical personal trainer.

I can relate. I am so BAD about going to the gym. Today’s excuses were that I really need to do some business development and it is really cold out…. But if I was meeting a trainer I would be there.

Someone who was waiting for me, someone who I was paying, someone who can motivate and inspire me, someone who can share my pain, someone who is an expert and can get me along farther than I could on my own. I’d be there!

I just read an article in Self about what using a personal trainer can do for you — advice from the personal trainer on “Biggest Loser.” See below on how working with an organizer compares to working with a personal trainer based on Jillian’s goals.

There are many similarities.

MAJOR MOTIVATOR 1: Write down your goals
One of my first question to a clients is “what are your goals.” You can make decisions on what stays and what goes based on your goals.

MAJOR MOTIVATOR 2: Reward yourself
Meet a goal, yes…a reward is fabulous! But it is about reaching the goal, not buying new things!

MAJOR MOTIVATOR 3: Pair up for workouts
Pair up with an organizer, friend or family member to help you organize. It helps with focus, objectivity, motivation and there is an extra set of hands!

Bored by organizing but love to listen to music? Pump it up! Like to watch a certain TV program …well fold some laundry or clean out and organize a drawer while watching it. Whatever it takes for it to be more enjoyable!

MAJOR MOTIVATOR 5: Envision fun workouts and a fitter, firmer, more fabulous

Well, I can’t promise you will be firmer or fitter, but you will feel fabulous. And you will definitely lose lots of clutter pounds!

I promise I’ll go to the gym tomorrow!

Ann Marie

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