What is Worth Taking?

January 9, 2009

Greetings from Denver.  Came to visit my best friend and her hubby.  It is nice that I can work on parts of my business remotely, and spend some quality time with friends. 

The weather is unseasonably warm which is nice, but they are also facing some scary wild fires out here.  No snow = very dry.  Sad stories of homes and livelihoods lost.

So it made us think…if this was to happen to us what would we take?  If you didn’t have much time, and you weren’t sure your house would be there the next day?

It would be different for most people.  For me it would be my crazy cat Sam, survival clothing, medicine, identification, important document list, my 2 small boxes of photos (really small,) and family jewelry.  I keep toying about the computer…that is a maybe.  More to run my business, not for personal use per se. 

I had a friend who would grab her Grammy award for sure along with her animals. 

This exercise showed us two things.  That you should have a plan in place for disaster an what to take — I’ll get more detailed in that during National Preparedness Month.  It also really makes you look at what is important to you.  How the many “things” we have are just really “things” in the long run.

When you are ready to organize an area, think…what would I take in an emergency?  What really has meaning for me?  What is no longer used and just taking up space and energy? 

I heard in the recent Denver plane crash people were not running for the exits and jumping on the slide to safety, they were jamming up the rows, getting their belongings out of he over-head bin. They are just THINGS people!  Oh my!

Off to finish some work and then spend some quality time with friends.  Have a great weekend.

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    Love the new blog.
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